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The zygomatic bone, malar bone or cheekbone are a pair of bones of the sides of the face. They make up the lower part of the lateral orbital rim and the lateral part of the infraorbital rim. Mike Mew claims that proper oral posture, during childhood, could help advance the zygomatic bones forward.

Effects of zygomatic bone position

Forward lateral orbital rims help to make the lateral upper eyelids more forward.


Tom Cruise has a retruded maxilla, but he has protruded zygomatic bones, flaring his lower eyelids out.


Notice that the guy below, on the left, has forward-set upper eyelids. His lateral upper eyelids are so forward-set that there is no clear separation of soft tissue between his lateral upper eyelids and lateral orbital rims. This guy is in a wheelchair, BTW, and in spite of this, he is popular among women.[1]


The guy below has sex appeal to women due to his lateral upper eyelid protrusion, despite not being perceived as goodlooking by some men.[2] mm69f9.jpg

The user Ambition and valmet have lateral orbital rim retrusion, causing their eye areas to appear somewhat "off".

Ambition-video.jpg Valmet-mirror-capture.jpg

High cheekbones

High cheekbones are an aesthetic trait. Mario Götze has high cheekbones while Zinedine Zidane has lower cheekbones.

Mario Götze, Germany national football team (06).jpg Zinedine-zidane.jpg

"Frog Eyes"

"Frog eyes" are not caused by eyeball protrusion. It's caused by zygomatic bone retrusion, causing the lateral orbital rims to be somewhat retruded, giving the eyeballs a relatively protruded appearance.