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SupportLocalSluts (SLS) is a SlutHate member. SLS was also known as jankinoff, jank and nothing on PuaHate.

SLS works as a psychologist specializing in autism. He also perceives a lot of SlutHate members to be autistic. This has caused a lot of conflict, as some members called him out for misdiagnosing non-autistic members to have autism.

SLS initially trolled on SlutHate by pretending to be a female. His agenda is to promote female sexual freedom (sluttyness). He believes that increased female sexual freedom would have a "trickle-down" effect, which leads to more sex for unattractive men. This is in contrast to the SlutHate view that increased female sexual freedom would lead to hypergamy, i.e., less sex for unattractive men.

SLS believes in masculinity theory; he believes that a good physique is the most important trait in attracting females. SLS works out himself and this had helped him to receive IOI's and have some success with his female classmates. SLS believes that one should date people who are in the same league in bodily attractiveness. He terms this as "dimorphism-matching."

SLS also believes that penis size is important for maintaining a relationship.

SLS has a special preference for female buttocks.

Personal life

SupportLocalSluts remained a virgin until the age of 23. He lost his virginity by making friends with the popular kids which invited him to parties. However, he regretted about losing his virginity because the socializing took time away from his other goals.

SLS had a sexually transmitted disease from fucking a slut bareback. He circumsize his penis after his doctor recommended it as a treatment. SLS noted that, after the circumcision, he was never able to experience same amount of pleasure from sex.

SLS is in a long-term relationship with a negress. He accidentally impregnated her, possibly from sperm leaked during anal sex. Her parents are pressuring SLS for marriage.