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Vertu had a growth spurt during his high school and he claimed that his sexual attention soared because of this. He lost his virginity at 18 at 6'2". After summer 2014 he grew to 6'4" at 20 years old.

vertu's posting style is to remind that the members are virgins who lives with their parents and don't have a social life. Here are typical posts by him.

You've been calling people out on being virgin losers for literally years and years on this forum, and now you're calling people out on being unemployed losers with nothing to do all day long. Nothing to do all day long coming from the guy who has been actively posting since I was in elementary school. Nothing to do all day long coming from the guy who's racked up 10,000 posts on his first account, and combining your other ones it's probably double mine. So what indicates you have a job or aren't living with your parents with this sort of history? What even indicates you've ever even stuck your penis inside a vagina? Literally nothing. Even I have provided more proof that I get prime pussy. You've provided virtually nothing.[1]
Yea I made posts about this.

If you're 30 or nearing your 30's it's about having kids and a nice fucking house with a nice yard. Trolling and fucking around with video games is literally out of the equation. You need assets and you need to be established. You had your teens and 20's to party, slay, fuck around, obtain connections through networking, ect. You missed out? Too bad. Now you're missing out on the final chapter of life too. Fucking idiots here. This is how it works. Stop thinking you're cool or alpha or "MGTOW" because you're ignoring females and not having kids. Buddy boys that shit is just a big fucking excuse. The clock is fucking ticking.

You don't have to get married but having offspring is the bare minimum, followed by having a solid income and an asset such as a house. [2]