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Welcome to the Red Pill Wiki,
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About Red Pill Wiki

Red Pill Wiki is not about being negative towards individuals, but about discussing the negative effect of feminism, misandry and PUAs on today's society.

Red Pill Wiki's raison d'etre is to understand the economical basis for interpersonal relationships, sexual or otherwise, between men and women. Over the last few decades, a variety of factors have given females an unprecedented degree of sexual freedom. However, in contrast to the "free love" promise of the 1960's (the promise of opening up women and men to mutual casual sexual encounters without guilt), it has created a dichotomy in which a few alpha males get most of the sex while a large "underclass" of incel males get none.

The reason for this is that women seek to combine genes with the fittest male specimens, while for men any woman will do due to the massive extra resources needed for a woman to bear and raise a child. This concept is known as female hypergamy.

Traditionally, the less desirable males have become beta providers, but this is now less feasible because our society's resources are distributed more evenly between the sexes.


There have been two major responses to the new sexual paradigm by the manosphere.

  • PUA (Pick up artists) - Who advise to increase the social skills of men who are ugly or have no social skills.
  • LMS (Looks Money Status) Theory - Advises to increase the looks, money and status of men who are ugly or have no social skills.

In either case the goal is to allow men who are not naturally alpha to compete with the alpha male group.

It remains to be seen whether it is viable for all males to be alphas or compete with them.


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