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The Redpill refers to the truth about something and to take the Red Pill means to learn the truth about something not commonly known or somewhat concealed by society.


  • Looks are most important on men for attracting women.
  • Not having your own place, your own car or your own money isn't that much of a detriment as you think.[1][2]
  • Face is the most important aspect of looks on men.
  • Bodybuilding won't make you slay if you have an average face, or if you currently don't have much success with women.
  • Females rate 80% of men as below average looking.
  • Females say how personality and confidence matters, but it only pertains to long-term relationships. Even then, it's not as important as looks.
  • Women lie about their sexual history.
  • Women make it easy for men who they want for a short-term relationship. They make it hard for males who they want for a long-term relationship. For example, for a STR, they will have sex on the first "date". But for a LTR, they will make him wait.
  • A short-term relationship is a code word for a hypergamous relationship in which the male is higher in league than the female.
  • Females have many options, especially pertaining to casual sex.
  • All woman are already having sex. All single women have a casual sex partner.[1]
  • Average men are judged negatively due to the halo effect.
  • Even the most "non-primitive" appearing females are slutty.
  • If you are very attractive you could say anything to women you want and still be able to have sex. This includes saying stuff that would be considered sexual harassment if you are not attractive.
  • Being nervous or awkward around women does not turn them off if they are already attracted to you.


Many comments have noted that so-called redpill information isn't that unknown, which prompted the creation of the Black pill


  1. Starting to fucking believe the Blackpill. Ex told the piece of shit she cheated on me with that he was better than me. I found texts between my now ex and the garbage human being she cheated with. Apparently, she told him he was better than me during sex and even in normal conversation. This guy is a disrespectful ass, has a minimum wage job, NO car, and no education. I have a degree (about to have two), a nice car, a good job for my age and I’ve treated her very well. Yet THAT is better than me. Just because he’s taller and better-looking, she genuinely thought he was better than me. I’m fucking reeling. (Source: Braincels)
  2. He was 35 years old and lived with his mother where he made money by selling drugs. This poor poor guy just couldn't get a real job you see. Because he already had three kids from three different women and if he got a regular job they could get child support from him. (Source: CoAlpha)